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      (Ages 10+)

  • Anxiety, Depression, Body Dysmorphia

  • Nervous System & Emotional Regulation 

  • Conflict Resolution

  • EMDR- Trauma/Complex Trauma

  • Individuals, Couples, Families

  • In Person or Virtual

Allison Jennings, MMFT,

PhD Candidate

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Associate

lgbtq therapist

Hello, I'm Allison!


I specialize in helping anxious women, teens, as well as athletes strengthen their self-esteem, improve their relationships, and find peace in their lives and bodies. I understand the level of stress that comes with being a woman who "does it all" while struggling with anxiety. With a background in gymnastics, dance, and cheerleading, my approach to therapy emphasizes the mind-body connection. 


As a somatic trained and trauma-informed therapist, I implement EMDR amongst other models of therapy to allow for healing in areas in which you may be feeling stuck. Through processing emotions, regulating your nervous system, and being inquisitive about your past, we will disrupt old patterns that are not serving you. 


You deserve healing and I will help you navigate the path to get there. If you have questions and want to learn more about what it is like to work with me, call today for your free 15 minute consultation. I look forward to meeting you!

















Allison Jennings, MMFT, is a board licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Associate who enjoys working with individuals, couples, and families. She holds a bachelor's degree in psychology, a dual track master's degree in professional counseling and marriage & family therapy, and is a candidate for her Ph.D. in Marriage & Family Therapy. She completed her clinical internship at Austin Family Institute where she assisted couples and families in navigating a variety of challenges. Prior to becoming a therapist, Allison worked as an Academic Resource Specialist where she interpreted neuropsychological evaluations, oversaw accommodations, and helped students navigate stressors that can come with learning differences.

With a passion for helping others in personal development, Allison has completed research presentations on increasing confidence, cognitive capacity, and self-control. Her clinical specializations include anxiety, ADHD, body dysmorphia, complex trauma, and life transitions, with an emphasis in supporting families and adolescents experiencing conflict. From a depth-centered and holistic perspective, Allison establishes rapport with each client ensuring they feel seen, heard, and more aligned with their purpose. Additionally, she is trained in EMDR therapy and studied under Rick Levinson, LCSW, who is known as one of the leading EMDRIA trainers in Texas. This evidence-based model of therapy allows for neural network change and a way to heal complex trauma that may have left clients feeling stuck in the past. 

Allison is a Texas native who has spent the past seven years in Austin and has recently relocated to Fort Worth. In her free time, she enjoys road trips, being out in nature, and sharing meals with her family and friends. As an experienced dancer, her approach to the healing process emphasizes creativity and the mind-body connection. She believes that one’s background, upbringing, and cultural heritage are important pieces to understanding her clients. Allison meets others where they are and cultivates a sense of groundedness and support. She looks forward to walking with her clients through the therapeutic process.


Member of The Texas Association for Marriage & Family Therapy (TAMFT) and

The American EMDR International Association (EMDRIA)


Texas State License LMFT Associate: #205110



Room #3 "Seashore Cottage"
therapist for teen girls, dancers, and cheerleaders, therapist specialized in body image and teen girls in southlake, tx

 Allison is passionate about providing a safe and comfortable environment to help you work through any mental health issue or relationship challenge. She believes in the power of therapy and the potential to create positive change. Allison is here to help you reach your goals and work through any issues you may be facing. Call today to learn more! (817) 201-2444

Body image counselor
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