Your Family






Does your mama have drama? 

Do people take sides in your family like it’s a battle?

Are there grown children who won’t fly the coop?

Do you have little ones who won’t stay in bed at night?

Do siblings argue constantly or seem in competition?

Trying to care for a family member with an addiction or disability?

Are the grandparents misbehaving?

Is there nonstop chaos and conflict? 

Disagreements concerning expectations and roles?

Confusion about how to create a sense of

peace and order?

Is there co-parenting conflict following divorce?


  1. Understand the obstacles you are facing

  2. Empower you to create a family team & meet goals

  3. Construct secure boundaries to lower chaos

  4. Learn appropriate expectations for a child’s age/stage

  5. Establish rules and routines that promote peace

  6. Form effective consequences for when violations occur

  7. Reconcile family relationships that have been damaged

  8. Restore/create healthy attachment between members 

Is YourTeen Talking Back?


"Where you unknowingly sign up to teach a crash course to your kids on how to raise your future grandkids."

~Mara B. Edmunds, LMFT-A