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Scariest Moment

What was your scariest moment?

It would be a tie between taking a solo 2-day train ride with all my belongings in two bags as a 17 year old from Boston to Dallas (long story) and the moment right before finding out I had miscarried my second daughter.


What's Your Scariest Moment?

Funnest Moments

What do you like to do for fun?

Trees and Mountains

I'm into anything outdoors, nature, animals, mountains, bodies of water, learning, laughter, exploring, and being with those I love. I am originally from New Hampshire and enjoy spending time with family there.

Challenging Moment

What was one of your most challenging moments?

Work Station

There are so many, but working 2 jobs while attending school full-time was no walk in the park. Certain family challenges have also been trying to rise above... but those wouldn't fit in this space.

Craziest Moment

Taught English in China and visited the Great Wall, at which I was asked by several tourists for photo ops after an interpreter convincingly told them I was Madonna’s sister

(I am not). 

*Tip: Beware of bored interpreters. 

What is the craziest thing you've ever done?
By the Great Wall of China
What's Your Craziest Moment?
Deciding Moment

How did you decide on this field of work?

Nurse And Patient

I've known since childhood that I wanted to work with people. Originally, in college, I was pre-med. While working in the hospital I realized that it was people's mental health and not their physical health I was passionate about. Thankfully this revelation occurred prior to medical school.

The Deciding Moment of Your Career?
Proudest Moment

When were you most proud?

Screen Shot 2021-02-27 at 10.32.29 PM.png

When my daughter moved across country to attend college. She independently made solid decisions under great pressure that others might have crumbled under...and she didn't mess with anyone's trays in the cafeteria, so that is admirable too.

Shining Moment

What is the best part of your job?


It is by far getting to see people finally reaching the other side of their challenges. Nothing beats the thrill of getting to be on the team of someone who has put in the work and been rewarded appropriately. Termination time is bittersweet...a celebration of victories but the sunset on a significant partnership.

Regretful Moment

What is a past moment you regret?

Chatting after Class

Back in the later 90’s, as a college freshman, I used to get a kick out of slightly moving other students’ food trays in the cafeteria when they turned their backs to get a drink. Thankfully, I’ve since moved past this form of entertainment. 

Childhood Moment

What is a childhood memory?

I grew up in rural New England and loved horses.  I had a pony I shared 

with my neighborhood friend. We couldn't agree on a name so our pony was both "Babe" and "Lisa"...and a little confused. 

Horse Whisperer

What's the most difficult part of your job?

Walking through some of the darkest places with clients and sharing their pain. Seeing how evil and unfair the world can be. The very hardest part is when I encounter someone who doesn't believe they are worth it.

That is a tall

wall to climb.

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    Moment from Childhood?
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Most Challenging Moment?
Most Difficult Moment of Your Career?
Best Moment of Your Career?
Funnest Moment?
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